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In Salvage, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, Burdens Point is surely “the road less traveled.” A Registered Heritage Property, the Pickersgill Premises, two houses and four outbuildings provide a never-before-seen opportunity to buy a unique property. Surrounded on three sides by one of the safest harbors of the Atlantic Ocean, every window gazes upon the rugged land and seascape.
Typically occupied from May to October, the Premises are for sale with all their contents. These include one of the largest collections of vintage and antique furniture in Newfoundland as well as art, photographs, maps, dishes, cutlery, bed and bath linens. Move-in ready. The outbuildings contain fishing gear, carpentry tools, old hardware, and gardening equipment.   People who think outside the box will be attracted to this extraordinarily beautiful spot. Here, you can row to the post office and sail back home stopping in mid-harbor to buy lobster from a fisherman returning with his catch.

Kayak among the offshore islands that sprinkle Bonavista Bay or motor out to watch the humpback whales feeding on capelin, fluking, and breaching in a ballet of pure joy. Watch as the skies fill with gulls, terns, and murres, or revel in the birth of tiny spotted sandpipers, who within minutes of breaking through their shells, are feeding on the beach below your deck chair. After the sun has dimmed behind the massive 300-foot cliff side of Cow Head, watch in awe the dance of the Aurora Borealis. Don’t miss the magical phosphorescence stirred by the oars of your punt as you row across the harbors late at night beneath the Perseid meteor showers that streak across the pitch-black sky.

When you leave the village, you can enjoy numerous beaches of nearby communities or attend musical, drama & literary festival at the Beaches Arts and Heritage Center. Swim in one of the nearby freshwater ponds, or walk the many wonderful trails that pass through the boreal forest that surrounds Salvage. As you go, forage for mushrooms, Labrador tea and the many berries that grow in abundance. This is not the life of the city; it is the road less traveled, filled with adventure and wonder.  

There are six buildings on Burdens Point:

The Dunn House - 2 story/3 bedrooms 23’6” x 24’ which includes a full length 1 story porch - 1 bath

Sandy Dunn’s shed - 1 story 11’ 2” x 12’2”

Dunns’ Outhouse 1 story 4’1” x 3’8”

The Burden House -  2 story 4 bedrooms/ accessible attic 20’6” x 26’2” w 1 story porch 7' x 20”6”

James Burden’s Big Store - 1 story 19’4” x 35’3”

Burden's Agricultural Barn 2 story 12’6”’ x 9’10”


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Pickersgill Premises, Burdens Point, Salvage